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Tips for travelling with an electronic cigarette

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Are you a user of an electronic cigarette?

Are you flying off on holiday or business soon?

Do you know the rules when travelling with one?

Hopefully the following tips and advice will be of help.

Tips for travelling with an electronic cigarette

Travelling abroad for ‘vapers’ needs a little bit of planning before committing to booking flights and hotel accommodation. Before you reserve your seats you should investigate the relevant travel rules you will need to follow. Do you research to see if you are allowed to use an e-cigarette in the country you expect to visit.

One of the first things to do is check exactly what the rules and regulations are at your chosen destination regarding electronic cigarettes. Not every country has clear rules regarding vaping products and you will find that there are some countries that have banned the use of e-cigarettes altogether. These include Brazil, Jordan and Singapore although Singapore may be lightening its laws now. You may also find that although legal you may not be able to vape in some public places. This can be the case in the USA where laws are often different from State to State.

Flying with an electronic cigarette

Airlines have their own rules on e-cigarettes and the related items you are allowed to carry on their aircraft.  You should be able to take an e-cigarette in your hand luggage on most airlines but there will be restrictions. There are specific rules on the number of batteries and the amount of fluids that can be taken on board. Some airlines, like Flybe, have banned e-cigarette refills which bear the toxic warning label in hand luggage and hold baggage.

When you arrive at the airport you will probably find that you are not allowed to use your e-cigarette while in any of the terminals. You might be able to find a smoking area that allows vaping but do check first or ask a member of the airport staff. Some airports, like Heathrow, allow smoking in designated areas but not the use of an electronic cigarette anywhere on their premises.

No matter how often you travel it is always a stressful time passing through airport security. There are strict rules regarding what is allowed through and on board an aircraft. This is especially true if you are travelling with an e-cigarette.

You, an electronic cigarette and Airport Security

Before you go through the airport security make sure that you have not placed any batteries in the luggage that you are checking-in.  Airlines have strict rules on lithium ion batteries and do not usually allow them to be carried in checked luggage. Some airlines do allow you to carry a small amount of e-liquids in your checked luggage but again do check with the airline first.

The airline restrictions also include the number of bags you are allowed through security control, not just the amount of liquids, batteries and other items you can take inside your hand luggage.

For your hand luggage the bags must be of a specific size. You are only allowed to take two bags on board although specific airlines may have different rules depending on which cabin you are travelling in. Currently each bag must not be any larger than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm (22in x 18in x 10in). An oversized piece of hand luggage must be checked into the aircraft hold.

Your e-liquid bottles need to be less than 100ml and at security, need to be removed from your carry-on luggage and placed into clear plastic bags ready to go through the x-ray machines. Any batteries will need to removed them from your bag and placed in the tray as well. Security staff may need you to prove they work so make sure they are charged.

Tips for travelling with electronic cigaretteEnjoy your flight

Once through security your next stop will be the departure gate and then onto the aircraft for your flight. The rules of every airline regarding any type of smoking whilst on board are the same – no smoking allowed. Some airlines like Qatar Airways have had passengers arrested who have vaped on a flight.

It may seem complicated but it is quite straight forward travelling with electronic cigarettes. Hopefully this advice will help point you in the right direction. Remember the rules are always changing so for the latest information do check with your airline.



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