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VisionMonitor Launches iRis Foundation

VisionMonitor Launches iRis Foundation

HOUSTON, Aug. 09, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — VisionMonitor Software LLC., a leading provider of enterprise wide intelligence and risk management solutions, is excited to introduce iRis Foundation. iRis Foundation is a software solution scalable from small to large operations and can be the first step towards risk management and becoming a more intelligent, efficient and effective organization. Primarily focused towards smaller companies, iRis Foundation is ideal for organizations that lack resources, time, and systems to effectively monitor and manage operational performance; and the system is designed to grow and evolve as needed. More importantly the focus too is on cost, ensuring the solution is fit for purpose from day one and will bring return on investment first time and every time.

iRis Foundation
The solution is quick to configure and depending on your level of need for oversight, operational information can be entered daily, weekly, or monthly.  iRis Foundation will measure performance, deviations, and track corrections, clearly displaying a rolling timeframe for oversight and presenting historical data over time. Risk assessment is managed through a 5×5 matrix, with severity vs likelihood; however, this can be changed depending on how you manage risk. The solution requires minimal training and configuration, and being on the Microsoft Azure Cloud is available 24/7.

VisionMonitor has earned a reputation as a trusted partner for our clients around the world. We are proud of the uncompromising quality of services and technology we provide. By putting customers’ needs first in all we do, we continue to grow as an industry leader. With iRis, we provide our clients a true and tested way of performing efficiently and smarter with intelligent technology.

About VisionMonitor, LLC.:
VisionMonitor Software, LLC was founded in 2001. VM originally formed to provide energy companies enterprise wide software solutions for managing environmental performance. With an understanding of enterprise wide performance management, VM has expanded solutions to closely link Human and Technological systems to help organizations gain visibility into their operations and emerging risk to promote intelligent business. VisionMonitor solutions are used by major companies representing the Aviation, Energy, Service, Petrochemical, and Utility industries. For more information please visit www.visionmonitor.com.

CONTACT: Contact: Alessandro Biondi
Phone:  (713) 935-0500 Ext. 313

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