British Airways Pilot’s Once Bitten Literary Dreams Set to Take-off

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Antony J. Stanton, a British Airways long-haul commercial pilot, has more than just the skies in his sights. He has spent eighteen years flying the friendly skies, often whisking passengers on holiday to Los Angeles. Now he is set to be taken to Hollywood himself for a very different reason.

In his downtime around the world he has penned a post-apocalyptic trilogy. “Once Bitten, Twice Die” – book one from the trilogy that he had to self-publish last year – made it to Amazon’s top 3 spot for genre.  following its success it was quickly noticed by a sharp American movie producer. He is now keen to adapt it for TV.

Following in the footsteps of other famous self-published or rebuffed authors, such as E.L James of ‘Fifty Shades’ fame and J.K. Rowling, Stanton’s fortune is about to take off. He looks set to become the next successful self-published author. Rejected by countless publishers, yet set to hit the big-time nevertheless. The potential TV series is currently in development and pre-production. The producer is aiming to start shooting Once Bitten next year.

Once Bitten Twice Die

Within weeks of publication, book one had amassed a fleet of five-star reviews. Often they would read along the lines of ‘Not my usual genre, but I am absolutely delighted I read it anyway. Can’t wait for the next one.’ The books differ from the usual formula of post-apocalyptic survival. They concentrate far more on character development, plot and realism. Also, along with the usual zombie protagonists, there are vampires thrown in for good measure.

“I always wondered what would happen if a horde of angry zombies ever cornered the typical lone, suave vampire,” Stanton said. “Exactly how many zeds would it take to bring down a vamp anyway?”

British Airways Pilot’s Literary Dreams Set to Take-off with Once Bitten Twice Die

Whether it is your “usual genre” or not, you are sure to see more of Stanton’s novels. They will either in your local book shop or on TV next year. And even if you choose not to read them, like the zombies in his stories, they are going to be hard to avoid.

Book two, “Once Bitten, Twice Live” was published in May, and book three, “Twice Bitten, Twice Die” is due for publication on the 21st October, just in time for Halloween. The books are available now on Amazon, and all major online retailers.


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