At last! Disruptive passenger gets £5K invoice as airline gets tough

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It looks like airlines are beginning to get tough with unruly behaviour. After an incident last year, with a disruptive travelerone charter airline has taken steps to recoup its costs for the diversion to a French airport and dealing with the incident. has issued disruptive passenger, Grant Marshall, with an invoice for £4,809 for additional costs incurred in diverting its aircraft following his offensive behaviour on-board a flight to Alicante in May.

Following the launch of the airline’s Onboard Together programme, which took off last month to take a zero tolerance stance against increasingly disruptive conduct associated with air travel, has taken steps to reduce issues with such behaviour.

Disruptive Passenger

The company tracked down the drunken and unruly disruptive passenger. An invoice of almost five thousand pounds to cover the costs of his unacceptable behaviour has now been issued. Mr Marshall has also been given a lifetime ban and is intending to prosecute him for the disruption caused.

Phil Ward, Managing Director of said: “To protect the safety and comfort of our loyal customers and staff, we openly pledged to take actions to stamp out antisocial behaviour onboard and that is exactly what we are doing. is a holiday airline, so we want holidaymakers to have a wonderful time from the moment they start their holiday with us.”

“More than 1,150 passengers were inconvenienced that day by Mr Marshall’s antisocial and unacceptable behaviour.  This is why we issued him with this bill for the costs involved. Most passengers have a fantastic time travelling and of course know how to behave onboard, which is why we need to stop disorderly behaviour from the few like Mr Marshall.”

Mr Marshall was one of a party of 14 who, on a flight from Leeds Bradford Airport to Alicante on 29th May 2015, was asked numerous times to stop consuming illicit alcohol, using foul language and threatening behaviour. Due to his unruly actions, which are becoming a serious issue for the travel sector as a whole, the aircraft captain diverted the flight to Toulouse to protect the safety of the passengers and crew. The disruptive passenger was off-loaded and handed over to the police authorities.


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