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NetJets uses Gogo for In-flight Connectivity and Entertainment Program

Gogo has been selected by NetJets for a new program that will bring a minimum of 650 in-flight entertainment
and connectivity (IFEC) systems to the NetJets fleet.

The program will provide NetJets customers with a full suite of IFEC capabilities including voice and texting (via passengers’ own smartphones and mobile numbers), Internet, e-mail, on-demand movies, TV episodes, news, moving maps, flight progress information, destination weather and more.

No other fractional provider is believed to offer such an advanced and complete in-flight connectivity and entertainment experience to its customers.

Adam Johnson, NetJets’ SVP of Global Sales, Marketing and Owner Services said, “ With Gogo and through other similar partnerships, we continue to incorporate the latest in market trends to our business aviation fleet offerings. Collectively, these help to create the customer experience that is so unique to NetJets.”

John Wade, Gogo Business Aviation’s executive vice president and general manager, said, “We’re pleased to continue our long-standing relationship with NetJets while helping deliver a new level of inflight experience to its owners. Connectivity and entertainment services are significant competitive differentiators in today’s fractional market. Behind safety, we continue to hear those services cited as most critical by passengers.”

Gogo and Netjets

Today’s announcement marks a number of historic aviation milestones:

• Business aviation’s largest fleet selection of In-Flight Entertainment (IFE)
• Vision – First fleet selection of service for business aviation
• First deployment of automatic IFE content updates in fractional market
• First selection of Text & Talk in the fractional market
• Business aviation’s largest fleet selection of Text & Talk to date
• First selection of UCS 5000 smart router/media server in fractional market

The Gogo Business Aviation program will deploy a host of individual products, services and on-board hardware. These will include:

• Biz – in-flight Internet and voice service
• Text & Talk – service that enables calling and texting in flight with passengers’ own
smartphones and mobile numbers.
• Gogo Vision – in-flight entertainment and information service
• UCS 5000 – in-cabin smart router and media server

Installations aboard the first aircraft in the program have already been completed at Duncan Aviation facilities in Lincoln, NE, and Battle Creek, MI.


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