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Things Are Picking Up For Sydney’s International Airport (T1)

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Although it’ll not feature as a major storyline for Border Security, the leading TV show about custom control in Australia, the Food Court upgrade at T1 in Sydney is long overdue.

As one would imagine, such an undertaking could cause catastrophic disruption, not only to tourism, but to major sporting events happening throughout 2015. The recent Australian Open would have been un-affected, but there could be a spanner thrown into the works for touring fans of Grand Prix, rugby and cricket events.

The main goal for this massive undertaking, is to bring Sydney’s T1 airport slap bang into the future for aero-travel. Not only will the user experience be vastly improved, with decreased waiting times, better customer service contact points and one feature that all heavy volume public places need to take on-board, the much sought after Wi-Fi hotspots. Is there anybody who travels in 2015 without updating their social media status? From Tweeting about celebrities they have seen catching the same flight as them, or the news story that went viral this week, two Russian women who were sat in front of a Russian MP and decided to make their relationship status very public! This picture will explain it all!

Whilst the cosmetics of this 20 month venture are what will be featured heavily in online media and architectural publications, the rat race traffic seemingly care more for hospitalities that should come as standard in this ever competitive market. Gone are the days of picking up Mills and Boon romance novels for a guilty pleasure flight read. Nowadays people are logging onto YouTube to either A. distract themselves from the fear of flying or B. watch scenes from the original Final Destination movie. Of course there’s also those who enjoy some shopping for holiday clothes, to be delivered at the hotel they are heading to, or indeed those who may be on their way to Las Vegas or another bright lights, big city destination who’d like to warm up the casino vibe by visiting one and having a blind date with Lady Luck at the pokies. With Wi-Fi and multi-tab browsers, the monotony of long haul flights and awful in-flight movies are soothed by high data transfer mobile access points.


Work has already started on the early stage renovations of the T1 Food Court, with a guarantee that by Christmas, part one of this project will be complete and by mid-2016, T1 will actually become a tourist attraction, as well as being just a ‘terminal’.

Tourists flying in on the recently launched Qantas 737-800, can expect to see the big lunching brands opening branches at T1, from Nando’s to Hokka Hokka and that pre or post-flight meal will never have tasted so good.

More information and regular updates can be found at Sydney Airport’s social media terminals on Twitter and Facebook, so hashtag #SydneyAirport to check the latest views from the harshest critics; the general public!



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