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NetJets flies first Phenom 300 into London City Airport

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NetJets Europe today announced it has successfully obtained certification to operate its Signature Series Phenom 300 business jet at London City Airport.

The company is the largest private operator at the airport, with over fifty percent of all traffic. In 2014 alone, their aircraft connected to 374 destinations across the globe out of the financial heart of London.

Mark Wilson, NetJets Europe President and COO said: “Private aviation continues to play a key role in the city, especially with London emerging as the economic growth engine not only for the UK, but also Europe. Our fractional ownership model is an unrivalled business tool when customers have access to over 100 aircraft across Europe, serving more than 900 airports across the continent. Commercial airlines are unable to offer the same level of flexibility and choice.”

Phenom 300 Business Jet

NetJets Europe worked closely with the aviation authorities to obtain certification for the Phenom 300 to fly to London City Airport. This required considerable time and financial investment for pilots to train and perfect the steep approach, short runway and proximity to the city’s tall landmark buildings.

“We are committed to safety and we set training standards for our flight crew that go above and beyond the requirements of aviation authorities across the globe,” added Mark Wilson.

NetJets Flies Phenom 300 Business Jet into London City Airport

“As part of our certification, we paid particular attention to the stringent noise requirements of the airport – which the whisper-quiet Phenom 300 meets by a large margin.”

Speed and efficiency is a core requirement for those flying privately and customers now save over two hours on their overall journey time by using London City Airport. One of the airline’s most popular city-pairs is London to Paris-Le Bourget Airport. Flight volumes on this route grew by 10.6 percent year-on-year from 2013 to 2014 – 3.3 percent ahead of the overall industry growth rate. Customers can now go from their desk in Canary Wharf to closing a business deal in La Défense on a Phenom 300 in 1.5 hours*.

Declan Collier, CEO of London City Airport said: “They continues to play a significant role in the development of the private aviation market in the UK and Europe. We are pleased to see standards being raised further with the certification of the Phenom 300.  Its arrival at the Jet Centre offers a new flying experience to our customers.  Those choosing to fly into London City are choosing the nearest airport to central London – just four miles from Canary Wharf, seven miles from the City and nine miles from Mayfair – and can enjoy our 90 second promise from aircraft to car.  It is therefore a perfect fit to announce the new light jet aircraft of choice for discerning travellers, at the private jet centre of choice in the UK’s capital.  We look forward to welcoming the Phenom 300 passengers and helping to make their journey special.”

Netjets Fleet Order

An order was placed for 125 Phenom 300 aircraft – including sixty firm orders – as part of a $17.6bn investment in its 700-strong global fleet. It has become the company’s fastest-selling jet to date. There are currently 36 aircraft flying globally, each one has been custom fitted with Signature Series interiors – making them completely bespoke to any other Phenom 300 in the market.

“We are very delighted to celebrate this milestone. The Phenom 300 is the top performer in its class, and the ideal aircraft for airports like London City”, said Peter Griffith, Embraer Vice President Marketing & Sales, Europe and Africa.

NetJets flies first Phenom 300 into London City Airport

NetJets flies first Phenom 300 from London City Airport

“It’s our commitment to support our customers in their operation with Embraer’s ample European support organisation, and I’m confident that the Phenom 300, now operated from and to London City, will be a real game-changer for European customers.”

Over 53 percent of its European customer base comes from the London finance sector – with private equity and hedge fund management seeing the most growth over the past twelve months. In 2014, 41 percent of new business in Europe was generated from the financial industry – demonstrating the recovery taking place in that sector.

Today’s announcement follows on from NetJets flying the long range Bombardier Global 6000 jet into London City Airport last year.


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