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Hopefully international travel is to be a little less stressful if you are using trains to catch planes.

From the 5th December you will be able to purchase a combined airline and train ticket as British Airways,  Heathrow Express and First Great Western combine services in a new travel partnership.

Planes, Trains And No Automobiles…

Passengers will be able to travel from St Austell to St Petersburg or Bath to Boston, with ease and journeys on the Heathrow Express, which departs every 15 minutes from Paddington for Heathrow’s Terminal 5 and Terminal 3, will also be included in the cost of the ticket.

Stephen Humphreys, British Airways head of UK&I sales and marketing, said: “This is a great new way for our customers living in Wales and the West Country to get on track right from the start to enjoy a terrific trip with British Airways. Our partnership with First Great Western and Heathrow Express will make flying more accessible and convenient for customers travelling from regions in the UK without local airports.”

The combined booking should hopefully take away the stress and fear of missing a flight, if a train is delayed or a connection missed, by giving passengers the peace of mind they’ll be on the next available flight. They will also get overnight accommodation if the next service isn’t on the same day. You will also be able to get on the next available train service, if the flight is delayed.

Keith Greenfield, managing director of Heathrow Express, said: “This partnership removes a layer of hassle for customers and affords them extra protection against possible problems. This kind of joined-up travel is what today’s leisure and business travellers expect.”

Travel with plane and train ticket

Travel with plane and train ticket

Mark Hopwood, managing director of First Great Western, said: “This is all part of our work to make journeys easier and simpler for our passengers. For many of our customers travelling to Heathrow by train already saves time, hassle and money.  Complimented by our work to add more seats to trains, the upgrade of our First Class accommodation and free wi-fi, this product will make it even more attractive BA customers looking for a worry-free way to get to Heathrow.”

You be able to buy tickets through any of the travel agents British Airways works with across the UK. No prices have been revealed but the concept seems a positive move.

Planes and Trains

Travel will only be from these 11 First Great Western train stations: Oxford, Bristol Parkway, Bristol Temple Meads, Bath, Cardiff, Exeter, Plymouth, Swansea, Penzance, Par and St Austell. With limited departure points most passengers will still need to get to one of these stations which is going to add to the price. We’re just wondering what happens if your train to one of these stations is delayed?

If you use this new service let us know how it goes – it seems a good idea but is limited by the number of stations and with no price examples it could be pricey.


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