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Following on from the introduction of the Sky Suite on selected Japan Airlines 777 and 767 international routes, the airline is to also introduce it on their Boeing 787-8 aircraft.

Passengers will be able to experience the new cabin interior on the Tokyo (Narita) – Frankfurt route –  JL407/JL408 – from December and on the Tokyo (Narita) – New York route – JL004/JL003 from January 2015.

The new cabin upgrades will complement the 787-8 aircraft design with its larger windows, higher ceilings, better cabin pressure and humidity for a more comfortable in-flight experience.  An unusual move but a very passenger orientated move is the addition of a new Premium Economy cabin service and with the introduction of a  fully-flat seat, the “JAL Sky Suite” in Business Class.

This will reduce the total number of seats on the aircraft from 186  to 161 and create increased legroom and seat pitch for its passengers.

In their Economy Class, on international routes, JAL are keeping its existing configuration of 2-4-2, which provides a seat with approximately 5cm extra width. This is more than the usual configuration of Economy Class seats on 787s. Additionally, the seat pitch has increased by the same amount to offer more space and comfort during every journey.

JAL 787 Cabin Seat Layout

JAL 787 Cabin Seat Layout

This new configuration on future Boeing 787-8 and 787-9 aircraft will be introduced on international medium and long haul routes.

Classes and Seats:

Class Number of Seats
JAL SKY SUITE 787 The existing 787-8
Business Class 38 (JAL SKY SUITE) 42
Premium Economy 35 (JAL SKY PREMIUM) Not available
Economy Class 88 (JAL SKY WIDER II) 144
Total 161 186

JAL 787 Cabin Features

Business Class:

Japan Airlines 787 Sky Suite

Japan Airlines 787 Sky Suite

Fully-flat Seat

1 – Seat Name:                  JAL SKY SUITE

2 – Configuration:               2-2-2 (38 seats)

3 – Max. Bed Length:          Approx. 188 cm (74 inch)

4 – Max. Bed Width:           Approx. 65 cm (25.5 inch)

5 – Width at Base:              Approx. 53 cm (21 inch)

6 – TV Screen Size:            23 inch

7 – Features:

  • Same design as Business Class seats on 777
  • Fully-flat seat with plenty of legroom
  • A highly-private space
  • Unobstructed aisle access for every seat with configuration of 2-2-2
  • Retractable privacy partition
  • 23-inch personal TV screen (15.4-inch personal TV screen on the existing Boeing 787-8)
  • Advanced liquid-crystal (LCD) touch-panel hand-held controller
  • Ample storage space for various items
  • Large swivel table for more flexibility in movement: Aisle seats (seat C/H) with side table, window and aisle seats (seat A/K and seat D/G) with monitor table and window seats with overhead shelf (seat A/K)

8 – Mattress and Pillow

For a more comfortable, relaxing sleep on board their 777 flight Business Class passengers have been provided with the airweave® S-Line mattress and pillow. The airline will introduce this highly-valued Business Class service in on the 787.

The airweave mattress and pillow can firmly support the bodyline to ensure a sound and quality sleep. There is an increased density of material in the part of the mattress that supports the user’s waist, along with improved resilience at both ends of the pillow assist in improving the posture of the head and shoulders.

JAL new in-flight entertainment system (Magic-VI)

JAL new in-flight entertainment system (Magic-VI)

Premium Economy: 

JAL 787 Premiun Economy Seat Legroom

JAL 787 Premiun Economy Seat Legroom

1 – Seat Name:                   JAL SKY PREMIUM

2 – Configuration:                2-3-2 (35 seats)

3 – Seat Pitch:                    Approx. 107 cm (42 inch)*2

4 – Seat Width:                   Approx. 49 cm (19 inch) between the armrests

5 – TV Screen Size:            12.1 inch (10.6 inch for front-row seats)

6 – Features:

  • Same design for Premium Economy on the 777 fleet
  • Premium Class service with more comfortable space
  • The fixed-back seat provides a relaxing space even when a passenger seated in front reclines, improved seat slide
  • Centre divider between seats at head-level for added privacy
  • Plastic bottle holder, cup holder, spacious table
  • New touch-panel monitor

Economy Class:

JAL 787 Economy Seats

JAL 787 Economy Seats

Configuration at 2-4-2 with 5 cm more legroom in seat pitch

1 – Seat Name:                    JAL SKY WIDER II

2 – Configuration:                2-4-2 (88 seats)

3 – Seat Pitch:                    Approx. 84 cm (33 inch)

4 – Seat Width:                   Approx. 48 cm (19 inch) between the armrests

5 – TV screen size:             10.6 inch

6 – Features:

  • New seats designed for the 787
  • Keeping configuration at 2-4-2 which different with the common seating configuration at 3-3-3
  • The seat width increased approx. 5 cm to 48 cm compared to the seat in the configuration of 3-3-3
  • Seat pitch increased by approx. 5 cm from the existing approx. 79 cm (31 inch) to approx. 84 cm (33 inch)
  • New touch-panel monitor
  • AC power outlet and USB Port equipped with every seat
JAL 787 Economy Seat Legroom

JAL 787 Economy Seat Legroom

Another feature on the 787 is the Toto Washlet. The  Warm-water Toto Washlet will be equipped in the lavatories in all Classes (apart from the lavatory located at most rear of aircraft). The Toto Washlet is an electronic toilet seat featuring a water-jet function for washing, jointly developed by TOTO Ltd., Jamco Corporation and The Boeing Company.

It’s a good move by the airline, lets hope others follow their lead.


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