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Malaysia Airlines MH17 update

Malaysia Airlines have released the details of the aircraft and passengers of flight #MH17 which crashed in east Ukraine yesterday. 

Contact was lost with the aircraft enroute to Kuala Lumpur at 14:15 GMT on Thursday.

Current thoughts are that the flight was shot down as there have been several Ukraine military aircraft hit with air to air weapons in the east of the country. The most recent report was on the 14th July an An-26 plane was hit at an altitude of 6,500m (21,325ft).

The latest reports are that the pro-Russian rebels that hold the east Ukraine area have said that they will allow crash investigators access to the Malaysia Airlines crash site. 

After the loss of MH17 international airlines quickly rerouted their aircraft away from Ukraine airspace and the area was closed down to commercial jets.

MH17 Details

The B777-200 aircraft bearing registration no. 9M-MRD that operated MH17 on 17 July, 2014 had a clean maintenance record. The aircraft’s last maintenance check was on 11 July 2014. The next check was due on 27 Aug 2014. The maintenance was conducted at Malaysia Airlines’ hangar at KLIA. The aircraft had a clean bill of health.

The aircraft was manufactured in July 1997, and so had 17 years in service.

The aircraft had recorded 75322 hours with a total of 11434 cycles.

All communication system on the aircraft were functioning normally.

The B777-200 uses the Rolls-Royce Trent-800 engine and has a 282 seat capacity.

With immediate effect, all European flights operated by Malaysia Airlines will be taking alternative routes avoiding the usual route.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, which was on a scheduled flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur went down in eastern Ukraine. Malaysia Airlines confirms that the aircraft did not make a distress call.

The usual flight route was earlier declared safe by the International Civil Aviation Organisation. International Air Transportation Association has stated that the airspace the aircraft was traversing was not subject to restrictions.

As opposed to the earlier statement, the flight was carrying a total number of 298 people – comprising 283 passengers including three infants of various nationalities and 15 crew of Malaysian nationality. Some of the nationalities of the passengers are yet to be determined.

MH17 Passengers

List of number of passengers and crew according to nationality are as follows:-







(including 15 crew & 2 infants)





(including 1 infant)

United Kingdom















Malaysia Airlines is in the process of notifying the next-of-kin of the passengers and crew.

Our focus now is to work with the emergency responders and authorities and mobilize its full support to provide all possible care to the next-of-kin. Malaysia Airlines is deploying its “Go Team” to Amsterdam  with a group of caregivers and volunteers to assist the family members of the passengers.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all affected passengers and crew and their family members.

The airline will provide regular updates on the situation.

Families of passengers and crew may contact +603 7884 1234 (Malaysia) or +31703487770(Netherlands).

For media queries, kindly contact +603 8777 5698/ +603 8787 1276.

Please also log on to www.malaysiaairlines.com for updates or visit Malaysia Airlines MH17 Updates

Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines MH17

Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines MH17 – by Alan Wilson from Weston, Spalding, Lincs, UK




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