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How to paint an Airbus A320

Iberia having updating their A320 fleet with a new aircraft livery. At Iberia’s painting hangar in Madrid people are working round the clock to add the airline’s new corporate image to all the Airbus A320 family aircraft in its fleet.

The whole painting process takes a week. After all windows, sensors, and aerials are covered before the airframe is sanded and washed twice, the first time with soap and water and the second with dissolvent. You will see in the video how long it takes just to prepare each aircraft before any paint is added.

Once this preparation work has been completed the fuselage can then be painted, followed by the wings. Once the tail assembly has been painted, and the technical lettering and markings have been applied, a coat of lacquer adds gloss while protecting the paint against erosion.

How to paint an A320

To paint one of this aircraft takes at least 380 litres of paint and about 1,500 person/hours. Under Iberia’s new painting system, only one coat of paint is needed, leaving the aircraft lighter, which means the aircraft will use less fuel and emit less C02.

Iberia has just been awarded the “Best Ideas of the Year” Prize by the Actualidad Económica magazine for this new painting system.

At the moment 11 aircraft carry the new look Iberia’s corporate logo and livery.


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