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The danger of lasers to pilots

We’ve just been reminded by a fellow Twitter member Paul Heasman  of the dangers of lasers.

There are still people out there who seem to like pointing these powerful ‘weapons’  into the cockpits of aircraft as they are attempting to land. We’ve probably all been dazzled by headlights or a torch but Paul’s picture shows what it is like for pilots when they are at their most vulnerable, just a few hundred feet above the ground.

Please RT:shining lasers @ aircraft endangers flyers+those on the ground @Plane_Talking @KarlenePetitt @pilotsimon208 pic.twitter.com/tLKzgRA4oD

From what we have seen online the law doesn’t seem consistent with sentencing –  fines of just £90 have been mentioned although last month three men were jailed for endangering aircraft at East Midlands Airport (BBC Report). Judges are a law unto themselves sometimes so we need to draw more attention to the this issue before people get hurt.

Simulation of temporary flash blindness where ...

Simulation of temporary flash blindness where the image takes from a few seconds to a few minutes to fade away, depending on how much light entered the eye. Light level 50 μW/cm²; for example, a legal 5 mW laser pointer at 350 feet (107 m). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Runway flash blindness demo – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lasers_and_aviation_safety

Please pass on the tweet, talk about it, spread the word, mention it to your MP! It’s not just airline pilots, any pilot can be targeted. It also happens to the Police and Air Ambulance helicopter pilots.

Do we try and stop the sale of these things? Do we need tougher sentences?

Whatever is done needs to be quick before there is a serious incident.


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