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ClipperJet to offer new business jet service between LA and NYC

If you regularly fly First Class between New York and Los Angeles but would prefer that little extra ‘easiness’ of flying, along with exceptional service, then there might just be a new option for you. But you will need to be quick as places are limited!

ClipperJet is looking to take to the air later this year to offer a business jet service for less than scheduled flight money. Their first non stop route will be between the Van Nuys airport and Teterboro airport using Gulfstream IV (G4) twin-jet aircraft.

ClipperJet – So how does it work?

ClipperJet is offering a limited membership, to just 100 in each of the cities served. Each member pays a monthly subscription which in return offers from 6 to unlimited* flights a month (*there must a be maximum number per flight). These memberships can be individual or corporate. The individual membership starts at $8,500 per month and includes up to 6 one way flights and ‘all club amenities and service offerings’.

We did a quick check this morning to gauge prices of non stop return First Class flights between LAX and JFK and it certainly was interesting. Flying out of LAX on Monday 17th March was full – on the 18th and returning on the 19th March was $4524.00. Similar dates starting from NYC and prices were $4944. Booking ahead certainly saves you money with an August return flight costing $3578. Now compare this to the $1416.67 per flight for the cheapest ClipperJet membership! No brainer!

The ClipperJet membership is already looking good value before you factor in the hours saved not hanging around at large airports and the time saved from the actual flight. Using the Gulfstream IV (G4) aircraft ClipperJet also say that they will be flying 100mph faster and 10,000 feet higher than your typical airliner.

So far the company has already confirmed 60 members and they have opened an online application page on their website. No exact date has been give for the first flight but ClipperJet are looking to begin their direct flight services sometime during the third quarter of this year.

Other direct city routes are planned for the future and the company are also offering other services including general charter jet flights, limousine transfers and access to special events.

The concept certainly looks good on paper and we look forward to seeing how they get on later this year.

Good luck ClipperJet!




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