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A first for Jetairfly as they take off in their new Dreamliner

Jetairfly have this week taken delivery of their first 787 Dreamliner. The new Boeing airliner departed the Paine Field in Everett on Tuesday on its delivery flight to Brussels.

“We are very excited about the Jetairfly Dreamliner entering service as the first and only 787 operated by a Belgian airline,” said Elie Bruyninckx, CEO TUI Belgium.

Jetairfly 787 to fly in December

“This aircraft isn’t only a perfect match with our innovative and sustainable philosophy. It is also a great asset in our strategy of offering unique holiday experiences to our passengers, especially when they fly between Europe and the Caribbean.”

The 787 is scheduled to begin flying short and medium haul routes by Jetairfly in the next few days and then it will be used on their long haul routes between Christmas and the New Year.

“We are very excited that Jetairfly will be flying the 787 Dreamliner,” said, Todd Nelp, vice president of European Sales, Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

The first 787 Dreamliner for Jetairfly

“The 787 will replace the airline’s 767 and offer the best possible flying and cabin experience.”

For passengers traveling on a 787 the cabin offers a few differences from most other aircraft in service today.  Visually you will see there are the  larger, electronically-dimmable windows throughout the cabin and larger overhead luggage bins. For passenger comfort the 787 is pressurised to a lower cabin altitude, has higher humidity levels, advanced air filtration and smoother ride technology to improve the flying experience and allow passengers to arrive at their destination (hopefully) more refreshed.

Jetairfly is part of the TUI Travel PLC, the largest tourism group in the world.


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