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How to make sure your aircraft hangar is secure

Whether you’re already a hangar owner or looking to invest in a new building the importance of securing it from theft, vandalism, damage and Mother Nature is of significant importance, after all aircraft hangers are a big investment! The considerations you make will run from the simple to the elaborate depending on your hangar usage – from housing a privately owned craft to running a small airport, let’s start with the basics:

How Are You Using Your Hangar

Your hangar usage is the key factor in determining the level of security you will use. Privately owned hangars require less stringent security than small commercial airports but you do of course need to protect your investment.

For an airport it is recommended that you keep eyes on your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by investing in licenced security guards but for your own property it will be more a matter of what you’re storing. Aircraft hangers are incredibly diverse, they range from small structures designed to protect a single craft from the elements to technical and controlled facilities with designated space for aircrafts, warehouse work, administration and utilities! For such an expensive environment no stone should be left unturned when it comes to security.

Standard Security

Lighting – just like when you leave your home for extended periods of time leaving the lights on can significantly decrease the chances of anyone breaking in. Security guards are an investment too far for the average private hanger but when the lights are on it creates the illusion that someone is on site keeping an eye on things.

Doors – The right doors have a significant impact on hangar security. Your doors have to be durable enough to protect your aircraft and other property while at the same time allowing you ease of access so you’re not hindered when you want to fly. There are a range of doors you can choose from with their own unique advantages:

  • Bottom Rolling Door – These doors are excellent for fast opening and closing only when they are implemented correctly into your hangar. The weight of the door panels is placed on bottom rollers which are guided from a track placed above.
  • Electric Bi-Fold Doors – These are typically known as the most economical choice of hangar door. Other types of door can require costly components such as extra foundation requirements and tracks but with an electric bi-fold door a simple electric operator is all that’s needed. These doors are space saving as well as cost-effective as they fold rather than opening inside the hangar. One of their major benefits is the fact that they tend to be incredibly weather resistant and work as a moveable wall rather than a simple door so your aircraft is well protected at all times.
  • Sliding Doors – Sliding doors can be opened on both sides so your access is completely free and they do not require a bottom rail. Sliding doors can be manually operated or for complete convenience you can invest in an electrical operating system.

How to make sure your aircraft hangar is secure

Access Control – Proper access control is important for ensuring your aircraft isn’t tampered with. If you are renting space on a site it is likely that they will have access control measures such as key codes and security guards already in place but if your hangar is on private land it is up to you to implement appropriate processes. A locked gate is essential and will stand between your hangar and unwanted visitors and ensuring sturdy locks and entry systems on your hangar door will keep it protected.

Research your options when it comes to hangar security to ensure you are choosing the most appropriate solutions for your site. Take into account the local risk factors of your area and heed advice from the experts to keep your property safe.

This post was written by Emma Smith on behalf of Enerco Direct Industrial Doorssuppliers of premium quality industrial doors who work with industry specialists in creating secure and convenient doors for hangars, warehouses and commercial environments.


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