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What could be better than travel insurance or health insurance?

We know that travel insurance and health insurance are a ‘must have’ for you and your family when travelling abroad. Usually you pay per trip or annually and there are always contracts to check and double check. Recently we came across another, slightly different way to secure your family;s future health.

You may not have heard of this service – is isn’t anything new but there aren’t many companies out there that offer it. So what are we talking about?

Well the service is Cord Blood and Stem Cell Storage – storing specific stem cells that could be used in the future to treat your child or close family member for health issues in the future. Currently the cells are used for treating such diaereses as Leukemias, Auto-Immune issues and Inherited Disorders. As medical breakthroughs keep being made the use of these cells for trials and treatments will continue to grow.

Save £100

We have teamed up with a company who have more than 10 years experience as a world leader of tissue banking and are the only company to offer a 25 year storage guarantee. Recently we visited the premises to see for ourselves what they do and how important it can be to do this simple process just after the birth.

If you or your family need the cells for a treatment then they can be sent to you anywhere in the world.

“It is a completely ethical procedure”

For anyone in the UK who may be expecting a baby, who knows someone who is or would like to treat their son or daughter to this service then you can also take advantage of our PlaneTalking offer.

“It does not require early clamping of the cord”

We have teamed up with Biovault Family who are based very close to Plymouth Airport, to offer you a £100 discount off their service prices. Just mention PlaneTalking when you call them! (This is just for those in the UK at the moment).

 SAVE £100 – mention PlaneTalking

Their staff are there waiting for your call or email and will be able to answer any questions you may have on the complete process.

Happy health.




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