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Iraqi Airways take delivery of Boeing 737-800 to revamp its fleet

Iragi Airways is one step closer to increasing its services across the Middle East after the airline took delivery of a Next-Generation Boeing 737-800, It is the first of 30 aircraft that the airline ordered in 2008.

“The Next-Generation 737-800 will play a key role in helping us modernize our fleet and integrate into the regional and international commercial aviation system,” said H.E. Hadi Al Ameri, Iraq’s Minister of Transportation.

“Boeing has played a pivotal role in our growth plan and the Next-Generation 737 has earned an excellent reputation for reliability and operational efficiency.”

Iraqi Airways Orders

Iraqi Airways currently has 39 Boeing aircraft on order, including 29 Next-Generation 737-800 jets and 10 787 Dreamliners.

“This is a historic milestone in our relationship with Iraqi Airways and a testament to the value that the Next-Generation 737-800 will bring to the airline’s fleet,” said Marty Bentrott, vice president for Sales, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Middle East, Russia and Central Asia.

New Iraqi Airways Boeing Next-Generation 737-800 airliner takes off

“Boeing is proud of the confidence that Iraqi Airways has in its products and we look forward to further strengthening this relationship to fulfill the airline’s future commercial aviation needs.”

The Next-Generation 737 family has orders for more than 6,500 aircraft, while the 737 family has surpassed 11,000 orders to date. So far Boeing has delivered more than 7,600 737 jets– including more than 4,500 Next-Generation 737 variations – and currently has more than 3,400 unfilled 737 orders (July 2013 order book).


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