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Emirates offer Executive Airbus A319 luxury private jet service

Emirates launched a luxury private jet service. Passengers wanting quite a bit extra can now book an Airbus A319 online. This Emirates Executive aircraft offers an incredible level of luxury and includes new technology and design to meet the most discerning traveller’s requirements.

If you have travelled on the BA London CIty to JFK service you might have experienced that ‘private jet’ feeling – just 32 seats on an Airbus that would usually carry over 100 passengers. Well Emirates have taken this one step, maybe even three steps further. Their new private jet charter service offers an aircraft with far more space and features than you could find in any airlines’ first class cabin.With seating for just 19 and a fully configurable cabin this new service is ideal for business or pleasure flights.

“Emirates Executive elevates the high standards and quality of Emirates that our customers have come to expect, with the flexibility and luxury that can only be offered by a private chartered flight,” said Adnan Kazim – Emirates’ Divisional Senior Vice President – Planning, Aeropolitical & Industry Affairs.

“We have seen an increasing demand in the private travel segment, especially in the Middle East and Europe as well as in markets such as India, Russia and China, and with Emirates Executive and the launch of its website, we are looking to tap into this niche market with the high-quality of service and attention to detail associated with Emirates.”

Emirates Executive

What do you get?

This private charter service can travel to most locations worldwide and beyond the existing Emirates network and the aircraft offers a new configuration with a high level of comfort and service for up to 19 passengers. Emirates Executive introduces many firsts from private suites to a large multi-functional lounge area on-board, making it a flight service versatile enough to provide diverse travel options for both the private customer and corporations alike.

The cabin configuration of the A319 Emirates Executive aircraft is based on two main zones. The first area is a wide dining and executive lounge at the front of the aircraft designed to seat up to 12 passengers, combining a work area and a rest zone with two large sofas surrounding four mechanically-activated tables and two 42” HD LCD screens. The second distinct area comprises 10 Private Suites each featuring a fully lie flat seat and a 32” HD LCD screen.

The suites are complemented by a large and elegant Shower Spa, equipped with a full-height shower, featured innovations like a floor heating system, decorative serigraphy on mirrors and marble accents, as well as luxury, all-natural skincare products.

Customers can also enjoy a variety of multi-course culinary options from Emirates’ award-winning menus, and the finest selection of hot and cold beverages, as well as customised options to suit any palette or dietary requirement. The aircraft is equipped with state-of-the-art technology including Emirates’ award winning in-flight entertainment (ice) with up to 1,500 channels of on-demand entertainment, as well as a live TV, video conferencing facilities and high-speed internet and mobile phone connectivity.

The personalised service for customers includes booking an aircraft at short notice and a premium chauffeur drive service. The A319 aircraft is supported by a dedicated team of highly trained and experienced inflight crew and ground staff.


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