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Say cheese as JAL offer new service for First and Executive Class

Following the recent renewal of its onboard wine list last month, Japan Airlines (JAL) is to offer a new line-up of Japanese cheese in its First and Executive Class cabins on select international routes from the 1st March 2012.

JAL has been offering assortments of quality cheese from around the world for its meal service to premium customers onboard its international flights. From March, JAL will be offering its passengers travelling in First and Executive Class a chance to discover the uniqueness of Japanese cheese.

Japan has many established dairy farms throughout the country, notably in Hokkaido with its cool climate and vast farmlands, and also where the early history of cheese-making in Japan began some 140 years ago. As this initially-European culinary culture gradually began to find its place among the Japanese people, production of cheese in the country also started taking root mainly with pasteurized milk used to create mild-flavoured cheese. Today, to satisfy a more diverse palate for all kinds of cheese, Japan produces a wide variety of world-class quality.

JAL will promote the excellence of Japanese cheese to their passengers with an assortment of 16 types of cheese that have been chosen during flights between March and August. The airline will be offering five types in First Class and three in Executive, with a change in selection at the end of May.

Served in First Class

Cheese Producer


Dates available

Kuromatsunai Blue Cheese Cheese Kuromatsunai Toit Vert Shiribeshi,Hokkaido March 1 to     May 31,2013
Sakura Kyodogakusha Shintoku farm Tokachi,Hokkaido
Mattone Rosso Ulaken Yufuin Oita
Rakuka Sarabetsu Cheese Kobo Tokachi,Hokkaido
Spring Thyme Cheese Kobo Takara Okoppe,Hokkaido
Kobayashi Farm Blue Shin Sapporo Nyugyo Ishikari,Hokkaido June 1 to      August 31,2013
Tsuyako Fromage Farm Kokabu Shiga
Fromage de Air Tsubasa no Cheese Cheese Kobo Adonai Okoppe,Hokkaido
Ebetsu Plain Cheese Yonemura Farm Ishikari,Hokkaido
Fromage de Mirasaka Chevre Mirasaka Fromage Hiroshima


Served in Executive Class

Cheese Producer


Dates available

Chaource Shin Sapporo Nugyo Nyugyo Ishikari, Hokkaido March 1 to May 31,2013
Gouda Moritaka Farm


Potager Ranran Farm


Oishii Camembert Tokachino Fromage


June 1 to August 31,2013
Smoke Mozzarella Hayakita Muminsha


Zao Cheddar Cheese Zao Dairy Center


Applicable routes

First Class: Tokyo (Narita) =New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Jakarta

Executive Class: Tokyo(Narita)=New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Vancouver, Moscow, Sydney, Bangkok, Singapore, New Delhi, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Kuala Lumpur, and Tokyo(Haneda)=San Francisco, Paris, Honolulu.

*Two types of cheese are offered in Executive Class on the following routes: Tokyo (Narita)= Honolulu, Nagoya (Chubu)= Honolulu and Osaka (Kansai)= Bangkok, Honolulu



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