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Who needs baggage claim as airline offers new passenger service

For those passengers looking to speed up getting to their destination after landing  can now take advantage of a new service offered by United Airlines, at a cost.

As of this month United Airlines are offering to deliver their passengers’ luggage to their destination allowing a swifter exit from the airport.  Rather than having to wait at baggage claim passengers can continue to their office, home or hotel and any checked-in luggage will be delivered to their final destination.

This service, using BagsVIP, will initially only be available to customers departing from any domestic airport and arriving in Boston, Chicago, Honolulu, Houston, Los Angeles and Orlando. There is a limit with regard to delivery distance – within 100 miles of the arrival airport.

“United’s new baggage delivery service offers an alternative for travellers who prefer the convenience of having their checked bags delivered directly to their homes, offices or hotels,” said Tom O’Toole, United’s senior vice president of marketing and loyalty.

“Our customers have told us this type of option adds value to their travel experience.”

Baggage Costs

The complete service is run through BagsVIP and it seems that United Airlines aren’t too involved.

Standard rates for bag delivery within a 40-mile radius are as follows:

1 bag               $29.95

2 bags             $39.95

3-8 bags          $49.95

Delivery is available up to a 100-mile radius for an additional charge that varies by distance. Delivery pricing is in addition to any standard checked-bag charges that might otherwise apply.

The airline plans to expand the service to more than 190 domestic airports in the coming months.





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