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Two dead as helicopter crashes into crane in London

A helicopter has crashed near the Wandsworth Road, London, after a possible collision with a crane on top of a building earlier this morning, two people are dead.

Police have reported that at about 8am this morning a helicopter had hit a crane on top of a building. Two people died due to the crash, one confirmed as the pilot on the Augusta 109.

A man rescued from a burning car by firefighters is one of two people taken to hospital by London Ambulance Service crews.

With weather conditions causing delays at London airports there was low mist and cloud covering the buildings near the scene of the crash.

Helicopter hits crane

A cyclist,  Quinn Murray, told the BBC  he saw the crash unfold in front of him.

“I saw the helicopter hit the top of the crane and come down just to the left of the station.”

“There was quite a large amount of fire and a huge smoke cloud. It wasn’t on the road, but into a building site where they are building the new Nine Elms area.”

“There’s a huge number of emergency services.”

Other witnesses have said they a huge bang’ and the helicopter crashed straight to the ground.

More than 60 fire-fighters and eight fire engines are tackling the main fires and to assist with the huge crane, near the crash site, that had been left hanging off the side of the building.

Debris has been scattered on the ground with some cars getting damaged.

The crash site is very near the Vauxhall tube station and happened as commuters were making their way to work. At least four ambulances attended the crash site but there are no reports on any casualties.

Unconfirmed information reports that the helicopter was an Augusta 109 with only the pilot on board.



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