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Air New Zealand Hobbit safety video continues to brief over a million a day!

More than 1 million people a day have been viewing Air New Zealand’s Hobbit inspired safety video since it was launched just over a week ago.

Air New Zealand General Manager Marketing and Communications Mike Tod says ‘An Unexpected Briefing’ has received more than 9 million online views in just eight days

“The video has been a phenomenal hit globally clocking up more than 8 million views on YouTube and around a million more on its equivalent in China. It really is quite amazing to think that on average more than 40,000 people an hour have been watching the video since it was launched and the equivalent of more than twice the population ofNew Zealandhave now seen it,” says Mr Tod

The safety video can be viewed below and certainly our YouTube comments seem to follow the trend mentioned above. We have only had one ‘dislike’ but the positive comments have been coming thick and fast – including

First time I’ve bothered to watch flight instructions all the way thru!

  Cool! Why can’t all airlines be as creative as this?

Now I am sorry I live in Ireland and have no outstanding business in New Zealand, or I WOULD fly with these guys. This actually makes me want to fly with these guys, just to support anything this geeky!

The Hobbit Safety Video

Air New Zealand will invest significantly in Hobbit movie related marketing efforts in Australia, Asia, the United States and Europe to attract more tourists to New Zealand.  The airline is also working with Tourism New Zealand on a range of initiatives, including helping to bring a large contingent of journalists to experience Middle-earth.


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