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Thai launches eXPhone onboard service on Boeing aircraft

Thai Airways has announced it is to use the exPhone, installed by Panasonic Avionics Corporation (PAC) and AeroMobile, onboard its 14 Boeing aircraft type B777-300ER and B747-400.

The eXPhone enables passengers to use their own mobile phones, smart phones and BlackBerry devices onboard to make and receive calls, send and receive SMS text messages, and use GPRS services such as email and internet access, in exactly the same way as when roaming internationally for calls, text messages social media, internet and e-mail.

Mr. Krittaphon Chantalitanon, Thai Vice President of Product and Service Development Department, said “Thai expects to meet the customer’s need by providing services with world class product for splendid travel experience to the passengers.  The In-Fight Connectivity service allows passengers to use their mobile devices in the air with the same ease as on the ground.”

Mr. Pal Bjordal, CEO of AeroMobile, said: “To win a commitment from such an established Asian carrier as Thai is a major milestone for AeroMobile, and underlines our position as the supplier of choice for flag carriers of the world.”

Thai Aircraft

Once the aircraft has reached an altitude of 6,000 meters, the AeroMobile network will automatically activate. The service can be used as long as the aircraft is at cruising altitude. The airline does advise that passengers should disable this function if they do not intend to use their mobile phones due to possible roaming charges.

Passengers can find more information on in-flight connectivity in their seat pocket 0f aircraft equipped with the exPhone. Hopefully Thai will also include information on their website too!


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