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Plane Talking offers more as visits take off

Increased visits to the PlaneTalking Live website and the growing followers on the @Plane_Talking Twitter channel has meant that we are now offering  a selection of services to travel, aviation and automotive businesses.

The high ranking first page search results for our jobs pages is offering such business sectors as airlines, hospitality businesses, engineering companies and the automotive industry a very cost effective platform to promote their vacancies.

Twitter has been a useful tool for us and we have been able to offer businesses help in setting up their accounts and pointing them in the right direction. We can also help in the promotion of services, offers, events and facilities across the social networks. Recent work with hotels, airlines and automotive companies has provided positive results, increase web traffic and generated engaging communications with users.

Along with offering Social Media services there are now Business Pages and a Business Directory that provides an ideal online platform to increase their company’s  web presence and Internet traffic.

If you are looking for cost effective promotion of your business, have job vacancies that need filling or would like us to review your new hotel, service, airline, car, destination or facilities live on Twitter then just contact us.

Below are just a few search term examples used to visit the PlaneTalking Live website on Wednesday:

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