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Los Angeles International Airport unveils free Wi-Fi service to passengers

Los Angeles International Airport has unveiled a free Wi-Fi service to passengers but you’ve got to be quick!

Passengers may use the basic Wi-Fi services for free for sessions lasting less than 45 minutes or opt to pay for premium and uninterrupted Wi-Fi service for a 24-hour period. The paid service may be handy if you are stuck in the airport for 24 hours but if your flight is on time then you might just find 45 minutes enough to pass the time before boarding.

Free Wi-Fi

Meeting one of the top demands by passengers for improved customer service at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), the ‘free’ Wi-Fi service available has been provided by Advanced Wireless Group.

The $663,333 two-year concessions agreement between Los Angeles World Airports and AWG, calls for AWG to upgrade, operate and maintain the public wireless Internet system at the airport for minimum annual guaranteed revenues to LAWA of $283,333 in the first year, $380,000 in the second year, and $420,000 in the third option year, if exercised.

“I am very pleased that free Wi-Fi service is now available to residents and visitors to Los Angeles while they are at LAX,” said Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

“This furthers our LA Wi-Fi Initiative to provide free or low-cost Internet services throughout the city and to connect all of Los Angeles to the global community and global economy.”

“A major focus of our customer service improvements is to create a positive experience for travelers at LAX,” said LAWA Executive Director Gina Marie Lindsey.

“Given passenger expectations and trends at major airports and other public facilities, providing free Wi-Fi service at LAX allows us to meet the demands of today’s travelers and continue our commitment to excellent customer service.”

“We are thrilled that LAWA relied on AWG’s proven industry expertise to satisfy their number one passenger request which now positions LAX as the largest U.S. airport offering truly free, unrestricted Wi-Fi Internet access,” said Scott Phillips, President and CEO at AWG. “The cooperative effort between AWG and the LAWA team allowed this monumental task to be implemented with unprecedented speed.”

Following the award of the concessions agreement, AWG moved quickly to convert the existing infrastructure to the new free service in less than two weeks before the existing operator’s agreement expired thereby ensuring uninterrupted Wi-Fi service for passengers.

AWG and LAWA have worked together to upgrade the Wi-Fi infrastructure in nearly 4 million square feet of public space across the airport’s nine terminals to further improve the speed and reliability of the service.

If you have used this service then let us know what you think!


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