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Manchester Airport City project aims to attract Chinese businesses

The £650million plans to develop the UK’s first ever airport city were unveiled to more than 200 Chinese businesses and potential investors in Shanghai at the beginning of July.

In bringing the Chinese businesses to the area it would potentially generate millions of pounds of investment to the region. Airport City is hoped to create up to 20,000 jobs in the region over the next 15 years, transforming the transport hub into a world-class business destination in its own right.

So far interest from China and the Far East has been strong, with airport bosses believing the Manchester Airport Enterprise Zone offers the perfect location for the European headquarters of Chinese businesses continuing to push their presence in the global market.

Currently trade links between the north west of England and the Far East are worth more than £4bn a year, with Manchester home to one of the largest Chinese populations in Europe.

Manchester Airport Groups’ Airport City Director, John Atkins said: “Airport cities form the basis upon which many new airports in countries with rapidly expanding economies are being planned and built.”

“Many big corporations that are based at successful airport cities such as Hong Kong or Beijing, may well look to locate a European presence in a similar location – so there is a lot of interest in our plans to develop the first airport city in the UK around an established international airport, at Manchester.”

Manchester Airport City

The UK’s first Airport City builds on the global connectivity offered by the airport location and over the next 10 – 15 years will transform Manchester Airport from a regional transport hub into a global business development destination in its own right.

The realisation of Airport City will significantly accelerate economic growth in the region by creating an internationally competitive business environment. Within this environment will be the global reach, transport infrastructure and land assets to bring major private sector investment to the area.


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