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Bell 429 helicopter receives increased weight approval in Argentina

Bell Helicopter has announced that the Administración Nacional de Aviación Civil in Argentina has joined the growing number of countries who have approved the increased maximum gross weight for the Bell 429 based on Transport Canada’s certification.

Transport Canada approved operation of the Bell 429 at 7,500 lbs. in January, 2012 after an extensive technical evaluation. The increased gross weight for the Bell 429 has been approved in eleven countries to date.

“We are very pleased to have Argentina’s endorsement of the Bell 429,” said Danny Maldonado, Bell Helicopter’s executive vice president of Commercial Sales and Marketing.

“Bell Helicopter remains committed to the Argentine market and this endorsement reflects the strength of our relationships. Our aircraft, to include the 429, can be found operating in a multitude of missions with federal and state governments as well as with Argentine captains of industry.”

“We look forward to furthering our ties in Argentina,” added Maldonado. “Our history in Argentina dates back to 1947, when Bell Helicopter sent eleven Bell 47s for aerial application of pesticides.”

The Bell Helicopter 429 is one of the most advanced light twin IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) helicopters ever developed. It is safe, reliable and powerful, and serves the full spectrum of segments (air medical, law enforcement, oil & gas, utility, corporate, etc). The 429 has set the standard for light twins, delivering exceptional speed, range, and hover performance.

The increased gross weight configuration includes Helicopter Terrain Awareness Warning System (HTAWS), a radar altimeter, cockpit voice/flight data recorder and forward flashing lights.

Features of the Bell 429 include:

  • Glass cockpit with Bell’s BasiX-Pro Integrated Avionics System featuring two/three multi-function displays, dual digital 3-axis autopilot and an integrated electronic data recorder for enhanced situational awareness and post flight analysis
  • Certified single and dual pilot IFR operations with WAAS capabilities enabling point-in-space approaches in as low as 250 ft. ceilings
  • Exceptional flight performance with 155kt (287kph) speed, over 400nm (754km) range, and HOGE over 11,000ft(3,438m)
  • Spacious cabin with 204ft³ (5.78m³) of usable volume, wide 60in. side doors, optional rear clam-shell doors and seating for 7 passengers and 1 crew
  • Safety of flight features including, a collective mounted throttles, damage tolerant hub and rotor system, energy attenuating seats and outstanding OEI performance
  • First helicopter certified through the MSG-3 process resulting in reduced maintenance costs for operators


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