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Korean Air delivers first USAF F-15 and awarded new US Army helicopter contracts

You may not know this but Korean Air is more than just an airline using the Airbus A380. They have a very impressive aerospace division that manufactures and services everything from the latest airliners to helicopters a UAV aircraft.

Korean Air’s Aerospace Division is continuing to supply the U.S. military with valuable maintenance and repair services in the Asia Pacific region.

This month, the airline delivered its first rewired F-15 fighter jet from Busan Tech Center under a $400 million contract it won from the U.S. Air Force last September.

In addition, Korean Air was recently awarded a new contract with the US Army and Air Force for maintenance of helicopters – including Apaches, Black Hawks and Chinooks – for the next five years. That contract is valued at approximately $18 million.

Korean Air will work on 60 F-15 fighters stationed in the Asia Pacific region through 2016, replacing their tail wings and re-wiring them in line with the U.S. military’s goal to improve its combat strength. Korean Air also will maintain the fleet.

Korean Air operates the only military aircraft maintenance depot in the Asia Pacific region and has repaired some 530 F-15 fighter jets belonging to the U.S. Army, Air Force and Navy since 1983.

Korean Air is a leader in the aerospace industry having manufactured and sold small to mid-sized helicopters and jets to the military since 1976. The airline entered the international commercial aircraft manufacturing market in 1986, and currently manufactures parts, including fuselages and wingtips, for Boeing and Airbus.


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