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JAL, TOKYO FM and Sanrio unveil “Hellosmile Jet” to promote cervical cancer awareness

Japan Airlines (JAL), the TOKYO FM Broadcasting Company (TOKYO FM) and Sanrio are jointly promoting the awareness and prevention of cervical cancer through the Hellosmile Jet Project.

The three companies have decided to adorn one of the JAL Boeing 777-300 aircraft with the decal of the Hellosmile Project logo. Dubbed ‘Hellosmile JET’  it will be the world’s first aircraft specially-decorated to raise awareness for cervical cancer, and it will begin flying domestic routes from today.

JAL Hellosmile Jet
JAL, TOKYO FM and Sanrio Unveil “Hellosmile Jet” to Promote Cervical Cancer Prevention and Awareness

The Hellosmile Project aims to create more public awareness of cervical cancer and its preventive measures as the number of young women affected by this disease continues to rise. This was first initiated by TOKYO FM in conjunction with its “Human Conscious: Love Life, Join Hearts’ campaign” in 2010, when the station marked its 40th anniversary.

Celebrating 50 years since its establishment the same year, Sanrio selected its famous character Hello Kitty, to act as official supporting character as an expression of gratitude to all girls and women. In line with JAL’s corporate philosophy to contribute to society and agreeing with the purpose of the campaign, JAL decided to lend its support as the official airline for the project.

The campaign’s main visual depicts an extremely rare profile view of Kitty’s face, expressing the design concept of ‘looking towards a bright future’. The logo on the Hellosmile JET (aircraft registration number: JA8941) is 1.9 meters in height and 7.4 meters long. Scheduled to fly to major domestic destinations like Sapporo, Osaka, Fukuoka and Okinawa for a year, the Hellosmile JET will be used to raise nationwide awareness about cervical cancer and its prevention, and to encourage educational activities on this subject. The first flight takes off today from Tokyo, Haneda to Sapporo.

For more information on the Hellosmile Jet Project, please follow link the here.


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