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Iberia Cargo achieves IATA “Cargo 2000” certification

Iberia Cargo has joined IATA’s exclusive Cargo 2000 group with another 60 companies, including leading airlines, multinational freight agencies, handling operators, other transport companies and IT providers to the freight industry.

Cargo 2000 certification guarantees that Iberia meets the standards set by the IATA program, ranging from cargo shipments between airports to the planning and monitoring of such shipments. Among the tasks undertaken by Iberia Cargo to earn the certification were the revision of all quality control manuals and management procedures as well as the development of the in-house IT platform “CDMP Cargo 2000” by the Iberia System unit, necessary for exchanging information with other members of the IATA program. During this process, Iberia Cargo has worked closely together with the German company Riege Software International, IT provider to the Schenker logistics company, to verify the suitability and quality of this IT platform.

The aim of the Cargo 2000 quality system is to increase the efficiency of the freight industry, improving service to customers and reducing operating costs. In addition, it cuts from 40 to 19 the number of links in the logistics chain. Cargo 2000 is based on finding of a study of freight customers to detect ways to satisfy their needs more efficiently.

Cargo 2000 is the finishing touch of the logistical chain improvement project undertaken by Iberia Cargo in 2010. It is an important step forward towards the consolidation of common quality and customer services levels within the IAG Cargo group. Iberia Cargo also holds ISO 9001:2008 certification since 2000.


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