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JAL offer special Air Nikuman pork buns onboard this winter

This winter, customers traveling on Japan Airlines (JAL) flights in premium economy and economy class from Tokyo to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Frankfurt and London are in for a sumptuous seasonal treat.

Collaborating with distinguished restaurant Edosei, established in Yokohama City‘s famed streets of Chinatown 117 years ago, JAL will offer Air Nikuman – a JAL Original version of the eatery’s specialty steamed pork buns, onboard these long-haul flights from December 1, 2011 till the end of February 2012.

Air Nikuman

In Japan, nikuman, or steamed buns stuffed with cooked ground pork, are usually sold and best enjoyed during the cold winter. To bring customers a sense of the season onboard, JAL has tied-up with Edosei to offer the familiar taste of the establishment’s specialty nikuman made with 100% local bred Yamato Pork.

JAL offer special pork buns onboard this winter

The skin of the JAL Original Air Nikuman is specially made with dough kneaded with brown sugar resulting in a unique softness of the buns, and stuffed with roughly minced pork for more bite and juiciness than usual. Sealed in a special packaging with a far infrared sheet, the Air Nikuman is heated in a steam oven onboard JAL and served piping hot inside out.

Customers can savor the delectable Air Nikuman during the second meal service of these flights while enjoying a good movie or music with JAL’s extensive inflight entertainment system MAGIC. Going forward, JAL will continue bringing customers more delightful meal choices, hospitable services, and an enhanced onboard experience.

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