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Korean Air provides aid to Thailand flood victims

Korean Air has began flying in much needed supplies to the Thailand flood victims as the relief job continues across the country.

Korean Air will provide 60 tons of relief goods, including 54,000 litre (36,000 bottles of 1.5 litre) of mineral water and 60,000 cups of noodles, to flood victims across Thailand.

The first relief goods were delivered to Bangkok via the KE653 flight from Seoul/Incheon on the 31st October and the rest will be transferred through regular Korean Air scheduled flights with timing dependent on the situation in Thailand and flight schedules. Once the relief goods arrive in the capital, they will then be handed over to the Thai government for distribution via the Korean embassy in Bangkok.

Due to the devastating flood in Thailand, which began in July, more than 8 million civilians are estimated to have been affected so far and more than 600,000 workers have lost their jobs as industrial areas have been flooded.

In recent years Korean Air has joined relief efforts in the aftermath a number of disasters throughout Asia including ones in China, Japan, New Zealand and Thailand, by providing blankets, water and financial support.


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