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Airbus award Korean Air with best airline operating A300-600

Airbus awards the best performing airlines that operate A300, A310 and A300-600 aircraft every 2 years at the A300, A310 and A300-600 Technical Symposium event.

The airlines are awarded after Airbus have evaluated the overall performances including the operational reliability and aircraft utilization. During this event earlier this month, Korean Air was awarded the “A300-600 Award for Top Operational Excellence”.

Operational reliability is an international index that measures the accuracy of airline flight operations due to delays or defects, by the calculation of flights operated within the 15 minute time frame of STD/STA. The higher result verifies the better operating capability of the airline and reflects its tight precaution of maintenance and safety management.

Among 24 airlines, Korean Air received the highest score of 99.8% for the best operational performance. Operating 8 Airbus A300-600 aircraft Korean Air has proved to have a top class operating, maintenance and safety system to record close to 100% operational excellence.

On top of that, Korean Air has received a total of 6 Airbus A330 Operational Excellence awards over the last 11 years.

Korean Air use A300-600 aircraft for the majority of their short-haul routes and has 8 Airbus A300-600 since the aircraft type was first introduced into the Korean Air fleet.


Korean Air’s Awards Record from Airbus

Year Award
2000 A330 Award for Operational Excellence (1999)
2002 (Montreal) A330 Award for Operational Excellence (2001)
2003 A300-600 Outstanding Operational Performance (2001~2003)
2004 (Athens) A330 Award for Operational Excellence (2003)
2005 (Seoul) A300-600 Operational Excellence Award (2003 ~ 2004)
2006 (S. Africa) A330 Operational Excellence Award (2004 ~ 2005)
2008 (Dubai) A330 Operational Excellence Award (2006~2007)
2009 (Bangkok) A300-600 Operational Excellence Award (2007~2008)
2010 (Berlin) A330 Operational Excellence Award (2008~2009)
2011 (Istanbul) A300-600 Operational Excellence Award (2009~2010)




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