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Advertise and Promote

We can help advertise and promote your Aircraft, News, Jobs, Offers, Holidays, New Routes and Events using our popular social media channels.

If you need additional help we can also manage your Social Media business pages. You can have a specific page promoting your company, destination, hotel or service or we can publish your latest news, offers or service in our Featured category.

If you post a job on our website and you could have over 107,000 views like our posting for an Inflight Entertainment Engineer role has had.

When you provide us with your news, job vacancies, events or promotional content to publish you can include images, video, links and contact information – plus locations or destinations – for our readers.

If you have something you want to highlight with your press release we can include it in our Featured section.

Readership: 51.58% are aged between 25 – 44 years.

Their Interests:

  • Travel/Air Travel
  • Travel/Hotels & Accommodations
  • Employment
  • Real Estate/Residential Properties
  • Financial Services/Investment Services
  • Autos & Vehicles
  • Apparel & Accessories
  • Consumer Electronics/Mobile Phones

All posts not only appear on our website but they also appear in:

  • The NewsNow news portal –  NewsNow has more than 3.3 million monthly users
  • The Zemanta blogging network –  the network has more than 250,000+ publishers
  • Search Engines – every post is submitted to Googlle, Bing etc
  • Travel and Aviation forums – including Airliners.net, tripadvisor, flyertalk
  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter etc.

We include links to all our posts in our Tweets and we can include links to your web pages with our tweets.

Twitter and Travel

@Plane_Talking has over 78,600 followers and more than 1.5 million impressions a month.

What about our Followers:

Their Interests

Top interests of our followers:

  • 61% Air Travel
  • 25% Business Travel
  • 19% Luxury Travel
  • 16% Hotels
  • 14% Europe

Our followers also follow:

For more information just Contact Us with your requirements or visit our Events, Features and Social Media Management pages.


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