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Thai Airways Flight Update

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Thai Airways have released an update on their flight operations after the sudden closure of Pakistani airspace this week. This was due to rising tension between Pakistan and India. Thai Airways have announced this morning that normal flight operations to Europe are now resumed through airspace outside Pakistan.
Flight Lieutenant Pratana Patanasiri, THAI Vice President for Aviation Safety, Security and Standards Department, said that to ensure the highest standard of operational safety, THAI has secured permission from the relevant authorities to operate its flights through the airspace of the Republic of China. THAI’s flights from Bangkok to Europe will be operated as follows:
Thursday 28 February 2019:
Flight TG974 / Bangkok-Moscow (Flight will be delayed from normal schedule)
Flight TG916 / Bangkok-London
Flight TG922 / Bangkok-Frankfurt
Flight TG962 / Bangkok-Stockholm
Night-time flights on Friday 1 March 2019 (Passengers are required to check-in on the night of 28 February):
Flight TG910 / Bangkok-London
Flight TG924 / Bangkok-Munich
Flight TG930 / Bangkok-Paris
Flight TG934 / Bangkok-Brussels
Flight TG944 / Bangkok-Milan
Flight TG936 / Bangkok-Vienna
Flight TG960 / Bangkok-Stockholm
Flight TG970 / Bangkok-Zurich
Flight TG950 / Bangkok-Copenhagen
Flight TG954 / Bangkok-Oslo
Flights TG345 and TG346 between Bangkok and Lahore on Thursday 28 February have been cancelled. Flights TG507 and TG508 between Bangkok and Muscat but will not make a stopover in Karachi.
To assist Thai Airways customers any passengers who hold tickets on the routes affected by flight cancellation may change their itineraries. Fees and charges will be exempted, and conditions apply.
Thai Airways it is continuing to monitor the situation closely in order to properly assess the situation. All passengers travelling on THAI flights are advised to check announcements and keep up to date with all related news. For information on flight schedules, passengers can check at thaiairways.com or THAI Contact Centre at 03561111.


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